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A Nice Shelf To Recollect What You've Played

Add to your shelf to remember and share.

  • Rate and remember games, books, comics, movies & tv shows
  • Add from this weeks new releases, or any title
  • Share your shelf, or your media for sale, on social media

Buy & Sell Video Games

A nicer way to discover, buy and sell the things you love.

Buying. Interested in certain media? Add it to your shelf.

Selling. Okay you bought it, consumed it. Time to sell it? One step set a price, and a few things happen. A web page is created you can share on other social media. Other local users will see it for sale in buy & sell

Chat. Chat right inside geekpod. Ask about the item and arrange a meet up!

A Feed Of New Media

A feed of upcoming and current media. See trailers of what is new

  • Add new media quickly to your shelf
  • View other videos, official and fan created, in media detail

geekpod Summary. Show It. Know It. Buy & Sell it

geekpod is for those who love what they read, watch, and play

Show the Media You Love

Easily add your favourite Games, Books, Comics, Movies and TV Shows. Share your shelf on social media

Geekpod Categorizes Your Media Into Your Interests

Puts your media in categories like Fantasy, SciFi, Marvel, RPGs, etc

Get an Feed of What is New

Watch videos on upcoming and current media

Local Map Based Buy & Sell

A nice way to see what is for sale around you


Set Your Media For Sale

You avatar is your store! Shows up locally on the map. Select and chat

Discover New Media Matching Your Taste

See new media. Safely chat with sellers within geekpod. Meet up and buy!

Buy and sell games, locally